Day 2: Installing the Radio Equipment

On Day 1 we had bought a Jeep to get through the mud and installed solar panels.  We also bolted on a vertical antenna and a pole for the Internet receiver. Anticipating an exciting time ahead.

2016-01-30 15.04.13

Ready for the next step which is to add the cabinet with the radio and other electronics.  Inside the cabinet we have a solar charge controller, a power monitor, batteries, a router, and of course, a transceiver.  Here it is with the door open on the floor of the shack at home tested and good for the big move.

2016-02-04 07.57.21

This was built months ago even though I didn’t have a location yet.  I wanted to be ready.

Transceiver:   Kenwood TS-480SAT

Interface:  Microbits RemoteRig Model RRC-1258 MkII

Solar Charge Controller:  Renogy Wanderer 30A PWM

Panels:  (3) Renogy 100 watt Monocrystal

Router:  Linksys E2500

Batteries:  PowerStar SLA AGM 12V 35AH

Power Monitor:  Rigrunner 4005i

Vertical Antenna:  LNR/PAR EF-20 attached to Spiderbeam 12 meter telescoping fiberglass pole


It didn’t take long to bolt the cabinet in place and hook up the LMR-400 coax to the antenna.  Notice the 8′ ground rod.  Lightning season is just around the corner. Also a few toroids were snapped onto various leads. At this point we’re ready for Internet and testing.  Will it all come up and work as we want?

2016-02-13 10.27.46

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