Day whatever…can’t be heard.

WTF. The new coax arrived and I moved the antenna 100 feet away from the equipment.  SWR is 1:1.  ALC is 0.  Power out is 15 watts.  I see lots of DX coming in as usual.  When I transmit the Internet receiver doesn’t lock up anymore. On receive I no longer hear the solar controller. All very nice. The EMI is fixed and so is the rfi from the controller.  Next I attempted to make a contact.

No one can hear me.  PSKReporter confirms it. What the…?

Screenshot 2016-03-03 08.16.52

Suspicions:  The metal fence post is absorbing all the rf.  Bad coax connector lets through receive signal but not transmit power.   It’s a quarter wave long and looks like a short to the transmitter.

OK, I can see these possibilities but why then is the SWR 1:1?  Wouldn’t it indicate reflections if any of the above was true?  Time for ANOTHER site visit.




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