Day 5: Woo woo. It works!

During yesterday’s site visit I moved around the antenna cables and raised the antenna a foot.  Now it works. Go figure.  (More on this later). First qso this morning was with Ka7IGN in California with a report of -1 db (very strong) using JT65.  Off to the races.   Now to try for some DX.  Aha.  Next contact is R9ME in Asiatic Russia!  He gave me a -16 db. Oh, I love it.  By the way I’m only running 10 watts.

I knew that bluebird sitting on the Internet receiver would be good luck.

Here’s a screen snap of PSKReporter this morning:  Look at all those stations in Europe reporting they heard my station.

Screenshot 2016-03-04 07.41.24


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