Square One Revisited

Today I feel like it’s back to square one.  It’s so frustrating when things don’t work. Got into the site today and restore the equipment.  Everything is back to the way it was March 3 when it all worked.  But it doesn’t work this time.  When I press the “ON” button on the control panel nothing happens.  The only clue is a “SIP Error” .  I’ve gone through all the simple stuff, checking each setting on both ends for differences, cables tight, rebooting, etc.   I was getting this yesterday when the equipment was at the temporary location on the hill top.  I was using a wifi-to-ethernet adapter and I thought that was possibly the problem because it was the only new piece introduced. Today I moved all the temporary stuff back down the hill to the original location and restored it.  Back home it still doesn’t work.  Tomorrow is a hamfest so I’ll be busy, plus there is supposed to be another snowstorm.  When I can get back to the site in a few days I plan to fetch the equipment back home and see if I can figure it out.   Back to square one.

Found it.  I had the port forwarding screwed up. I had the sip ports forwarded to the wrong i.p.(typo).  AHA!   The system comes up now.   Next is to test transmitting.

Yes!!!  It can transmit.  PSKreport is posting spots all over the U.S.  Just made a contact with AA7IX but unable to complete due to transmitter dropping. Levels?    Keep on it.  Oh, yes.  AA7IX is in Cheyenne which is in our black out zone, the donut hole. Hope is restored. Below is a screen snap of a K6TU analysis of my antenna, looking similar to a HAP Chart.

Screenshot 2016-03-24 16.12.48

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