Antenna Choice

The antenna that has become the choice for the upgrade is an inverted vee on the high bands and a tee top vertical on the lower.  It is based on the modelling described in the March 27, 2016 post  “Antennas For the Remote Base”.  It is best described as a bunch of compromises. No compromise would be 64 feet.  Ours will be 40 feet.   No compromise would be a dipole.  Ours will be an inverted vee. Instead of two supports the inverted vee will only need one. Fiberglass camo poles will be used for the support and will look something like this.

camo pole in sky

At the 20 foot middle level are guys ropes.  At the top is what looks like more guys but will actually be the inverted vee antenna.  Inside the fiberglass camo poles will be ladder transmission line. At the base will be an autotuner. The inverted vee will be resonant on 20 meters.  With the tuner at the base the inverted vee can also be made to cover 17 and 15 meters. It might not cover 12 and 10 because of the high impedance at the second harmonic.  We might need to construct a second antenna for 10 using a PAR EF-10 on a fiberglass Jackite pole.  Back to the main antenna, a relay will be used to switch around the configuration for the low bands.   The second configuration will use the transmission line as a vertical radiator.  The inverted vee at the top will become a top hat tee.  In this configuration when the relay is activated there will be four radials on the ground connected to the tuner. These radials are each four feet wide and 50 feet long welded wire fencing laid flat.  This configuration will be used for 30, 40, 60, 80, and 160 meters.

One area that did not get compromised is the ability to work all bands.  Not every band models as the best DX antenna ever but every band will have the ability to operate.  We are currently assembling the necessary parts and hope to begin construction within a week from today.

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