Antenna Upgrade

This week we are installing the antenna upgrade based on earlier modelling of the so called “Compromise Antenna”.  Below are sketches to further clarify the relay-controlled High Band and Low Band operating modes.

Screenshot 2016-04-10 18.45.09

RB Antenna Fig 2

Per the model there should be 4 dB gain on the new antenna at 15 degrees take off angle.  We terminated the guy ropes on 6′ poles to keep from entangling cattle.  This is grazing land.




Below is an ugly whiteboard snap of the relay circuit.  When the relay is relaxed the system is configured for the high bands.  When it is activated the system is configured for the low bands.  The spare position on the Remote Power Monitor provides the power to activate the relay.  It can be toggled on and off over the Internet with the Power Monitor.



Progress so far: Note the new camo poles are mounted on the same base as the original PAR EF-20 which is still in place. A welded wire fencing radial is visible on the ground.  This project is about half completed. Three more camo pole sections are yet to be added to get up to 40 feet. The EF-20 will be moved to one of the guy-poles so we can compare performance  between the old and new antennas.



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