Successful Antenna Completion

April 15, 2016 – Tax Day and the day we got the antenna project completed just before another spring snow storm.  It looks remarkably similar to the drawings.  The relay is in a little gray box mounted on the front of the SG-230 tuner.  Radials are more visible here.


Final height is 39 feet. In the picture below notice the EF-20 vertical is now located on one of the guy poles to the left.


It was very windy ahead of the storm while we were trying to do the lift and insertion.  With one more section to go we decided the wind was putting too much stress on the upper sections and stopped before we had another catastrophe. We ended up only 1 foot below our goal of 40 feet. The project is ready for on-the-air testing and a good snow storm is always a good time to test an antenna.

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