Whoosh! There goes Parker.

Whoosh.   Yesterday the mast bent over in the strong wind as we watched.   Just lucky but I went down to the Parker site for another reason and happened to be there when the wind was at it’s peak.  The guys on the south side needed tightening.  I had never seen the tower in strong wind so this was a good learning experience.   I tightened the guys and the tower was ok.  The mast on top was bobbing and weaving.  I was feeling relieved the aluminum was allowing the flexing.  Oops.  Snap.  While I was standing there watching along with the landowner we saw it happen.  Guess it wasn’t all that flexible after all.


Today I lowered the tower and cut out the damaged portion of the mast.  I also lowered the next telescoping section down inside the bottom section to provide double wall strength.  Now it’s only 46 feet tall instead of 50.  Modelling with EZNEC shows a slight improvement at 15 degrees.  Go figure. Can you tell it’s 4 feet shorter?  We’ll see if the on-the-air performance changes any.