Terrain Profiles

How well our signals will emanate from this new location can be estimated by using software called HFTA (High Frequency Terrain Analysis – from any recent ARRL Antenna Book ) to produce a map of the terrain.  It looks promising because we slope down toward the northeast, which is direction of Europe.  This screen snap is what the terrain looks like as we look to the northeast, or 45 degrees, using a dipole on a 60 foot tower.  Slopes down for 2 miles.  Nice.


Next is a plot of Colorado to Europe using a dipole at 60 feet elevation.  Looks good but could be better.  About 5 dBi gain at the take off angle where most of the Europeans stations come in.   The dipole peaks at 15 degrees, a good all around takeoff angle and very usable but not optimum for Europe.  Four or five degree take off angle is perfect but not likely attainable at this installation.



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