Progress On New Site

Today was a milestone because we got Internet installed and made the first remote base qso on a test antenna.  It is the vertical on the right in this picture which is a EF-20 end fed half wave on a fiberglass pole. Notice the new Internet dish on the roof. It brings in Internet from 7 miles away but it also produces a birdy in the center of the 60 meter band. That birdy will have to be worked out. ( Clamping on a couple of ferrite toroids completely eliminated the birdie.)


Progress was also made today on the main low band vertical antenna by completing the radial field.  It is made up of 4 radials each 4 feet wide consisting of welded wire fencing laid flat and held in place with landscape pins.  Below is one radial.  The vertical element will  be 60 feet tall with a top hat.


The equipment has been moved up from the Elizabeth site and re-used.   Even the welded wire fencing was painstakingly removed and brought up to Strasburg.

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