Another Disaster

Whoosh. There goes Strasburg. It can be a real challenge to keep a bunch of aluminum up in the air.  Witness the results of the March 24 blizzard on the eastern plains of Colorado.  It wasn’t much of a blizzard as blizzards go but it was enough to take down the main vertical.  It was my fault, of course.  I should have replaced the temporary tree stakes anchoring the guys with steel T-posts.  Sure enough one of the tree stakes broke in the wind yesterday and aluminum poles don’t stay up very long without guy wires.


Only two aluminum sections were damaged. It was a pleasant surprise to find the exact replacement sizes in my spare stock.  The mast was also bent but my friend, John Neilson, KC0RF has a spare length of galvanized pipe.  Total cost of disaster is $0.  That’s a good kind of disaster.  Repair work can begin once the mud dries in a few days.  Almost a non-event.  Meanwhile there is a 20 meter vertical available so we can stay on the air for one band at least.

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