Wish I could shout it.  The tower is up!  Unbelievable thanks to KC0RF, John Neilson for his extremely hard work.  First look shows the Hygain 203BA yagi on top of the 60 ft. Universal Towers aluminum tower.  First qso was with R3OZ, European Russia with 10 watts and got a report of -11 db on JT65. That was followed up by another European Russian station calling me, R3HH. It’s working!


The balun we chose is a current mode balun consisting of 5 turns of coax through a stack of 4 ferrite cores.  The cores are 43 mix 2.0 inches, taped together.  The coax is splayed with as much distance between turns as possible to reduce capacitance.  Refer to the ARRL Antenna Book 23rd Edition chapter on Transmission Lines, Table 20.7.  This balun will provide 5000 ohms impedance at 14 MHz on the outside of the coax shield.  It looks like this before mounting at the yagi feedpoint.

John, KC0RF, finalizing the balun.


An advantage of this type of balun is that it can handle full legal power because only the common mode current on the outside of the coax is passing through the cores.  The main rf current is inside the coax and not passing through the cores.   It will not heat up like other types of baluns.  This balun has the approval of one of my favorite  rf experts and engineer Bill, N0CU, although he made one suggested modification which we implemented.  Originally the toroids were iron powder and Bill suggested we’d get a higher impedance if we used ferrite.

What a bird sees…..

203 antenna

Although the tower is supposed to be self-supporting we still attached Phillystran guy cables.  This enables sleeping better at night.


Cranking it up:


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