End of Wind Turbine Experiment

The wind turbine experiment came to an abrupt end during a thunderstorm when the flange came loose.   The turbine flew off it’s mount and crashed to the ground.  All three blades were destroyed, the wind vane was bent, and maybe the shaft was bent.  It is pretty much totaled.


What was learned is that wind can supplement solar but…   Wind produces fewer watts per dollar investment.  Turbine: $300 produces 5 amps on a windy day.   Solar: $300 produces 18 amps on a sunny day.  In other words, wind does work but it’s not an even trade-off.  It was a fun experiment and provided a lot of new knowledge.  This turbine will not be repaired.  The smaller turbine we started with in the beginning can go back up with minimal expectations.  Better than nothing after dark.  Lesson learned:  Pay more attention to mechanical considerations.

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