Field Day 2020


Last year’s Field Day was a semi-success.  Three separate thunderstorms over the weekend washed it out completely on Saturday night.   One promise that was made was to be prepared for thunderstorms next time.  In 2020 plans call for a single-operator event from the covered patio and backyard at home.  It should provide adequate protection to keep operating during a thunderstorm.  A battery will be borrowed from the remote base for power.  For an antenna Hustler mobile whips will be mounted either on the fence or on the ground depending on testing beforehand.  As last year, the focus will be on FT8 and on minimalism.  Here is a picture of a test run for the antenna this week.


This is the battery that will be borrowed.  It’s a 200AH  LifePo4 lithium battery. The BMS is laying on top.

IMG_1132 (1)

Radio and computer will be same as last year, a Icom IC-7300 and a laptop running WSJT-X software.  FT8 is the focus of Field Day at W0QL.  Last year it looked like this before the thunderstorms.


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