The remote station is located on the Colorado plains about 35 miles east of Denver. It is controlled over the Internet and is exclusively solar powered. Begun in 2016, it now has a variety of antennas and equipment. In this picture, from the left, is a 60 foot tower with a Hygain 203BA 20 meter yagi. The tower is also used as the driven element for a 160 meter vertical yagi. Next is the equipment shed which has the Internet dish on the roof and a dipole for 12 meters on the right end. Next is the vertical which is the director for the 160 meter yagi. To the right of it is a DX Engineering 43 foot vertical which has a MFJ 998RT tuner at it’s base. Next is a 30 foot tower with a Cushcraft A3S triband beam for 17, 15, and 10 meters. The yagi on top is a Cushcraft 505S 5-element 6 meter beam. Both towers tilt over for maintenance and additions. The dark-red posts are gyn poles to help lower the towers.

Inside, above my head is a Victron 3000 watt 24 volt to 230 volt inverter for the linear amplifier. Two Yeasu rotor controllers make the yagi’s turn. On the counter are the linear amplifier and a Flexradio transceiver. On the right hand side are all the solar controllers and Internet equipment. The LifePO4 batteries are on the floor.

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