Day 6 – Intermittent Issues show up

New issues with every sunrise.  Today I can’t be heard again.  WTF?  Is it borderline antenna?

Next day was club meeting day at one of my favorite clubs, 285 Tech Connect, so I asked for opinions on my “can’t be heard” issue.  At that time I was blaming the antenna and had not yet figured out it might be something else, like an intermittent.

Consulting with a friend about my PAR EF-20 vertical he said all verticals need radials even if they are half wave end fed like mine.  I’ve witnessed a controversy on this subject for a long time and I would be skeptical except for one thing.  My friend is Bill, N0CU who has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and is a retired Martin rf engineer.  I respect his knowledge on antennas to say the least and my next step is to try a counterpoise.  The question is unanswered as to why I could work stations on March 3 and not now.

I tried his suggestions.  Nothing made any difference, counterpoises, etc.  I purchased rf ammeters to help locate stray rf current to no avail.  Symptoms remain: can’t be heard.

At this point I am pounding my head against the wall.  Nothing seems to help.


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